Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New Kids on The Pizza Block.

THE ubiquitous and all pervasive pizza
has for many years been one of the
fastest growing segments of the fast
food industry and continues to make
in-roads against more traditional fast foods like
fish and chips and the great Aussie burger,
pineapple and egg included.
While the long established
multi-international brands like Pizza Hut and
Dominos have significant market share there is
a growing number of local and national pizza
operators that are “taking back the farm” and
establishing themselves in this lucrative market
with niche products and a different approach to
one of Australia’s favourite foods.
The latest entrant to this market is
Based in Dalby, entrepreneurs and
experienced pizza operators Patrick Wilkins
and Rohan Luhan are set to take on the big
guys with a unique and tasty approach to this
old classic.
“Dough-Licious has just opened their newest
store in the Myall Precinct at 66 Drayton St,
Dalby,” said LJ Hooker commercial sales and
leasing executive Nick Koenig.
“We negotiated a five-year lease with a
five-year option and they have spent a bomb
on the new store fit out and it looks fantastic.
“From a customer perspective the response
to their move has been fantastic with sales on
the rise and lot of happy customers.
“As far as the future is concerned
Dough-Licious has plans to expand across the
region and we are currently finalising new sites
in Roma and Toowoomba.”

Thursday, 23 August 2012

We support our local trade community

 At dough-licious Gourmet Pizza Cafe, we pride ourselves on making the perfect pizza. Our dough is inspired by the great European classics and made fresh in store We also have to mention our network of quality local suppliers, Culbert meats, Darling Downs dairy & foods service and Betros Brothers fresh fruit & veg. Buying local assures fresh quality produce everyday and supports our local trade community.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Our name

Just Doughlicious: our name says it all!

At doughlicious we love not only all stuff pizza but all foods, gone are the days of an inch thick deep pan crust or ground up stewed beef and those oily box resude left overs.

We believe if you’re going to eat out or buy in, eat quality!

Don’t settle for second best, enjoy your meals share great food with the people that make you happy and enjoy the experience that a doughlicious meal should bring.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


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Dough-licious Menu


Our website is now up and running.

breakfast menu

Breakfast available any day from 10.00am & Saturday & Sunday from 8:00am

Croissant, butter & jam $5.95
Cheese, spinach & tomato croissant $6.95
Ham & cheese croissant $7.95
Scrambled eggs, tomato & potato on toast $9.95
Pancakes cakes, maple syrup, blueberries, ice cream$9.95
Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon on toast $12.95
Bacon, eggs, sautéed potato & mushroom on toast $12.95
Sausage, potato, bacon & fried eggs on toast $12.95

Pizza wraps
Bacon, eggs and cheese $7.95
Spinach, feta, tomato & cheese $7.95
Ham, pepperoni, beef & cheese $7.95
Chicken, spinach, feta & cheese $7.95

Light lunch
Bacon, lettuce and tomato (BLT) $9.95
Thai beef salad $10.95
Steak burger, cheese, onion & salad $12.95
Beef burger, cheese onion & salad $11.95